5 Reasons why WordPress is a great platform for your online business

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What 20 million websites powered by wordpress is not enough to convince you that the platform is versatile and easy to use?

Alright, How about free?

Would it surprise you to find out that this website (Atlantiq Media’s) was entirely built on WordPress? It is…

WordPress is a top CMS (content management system) and there are tools being written everyday to enhance this excellent opensource platform. Here are five reasons why.

1. Easy to use – Why would anybody do 10 clicks when with WordPress you can do it with 2.

2. Free – Virtually anyone can start using WordPress out of the box. I have deployed WordPress to customers that have little to no experience with WordPress or any other websites CMS and they have picked it up.

3. Highly Customizable – Thousands of themes available to choose from and plugins to utilize for your websites unique feel and advance management. If you are not sure you want to use a preexisting theme that is ok just customize your own and create a hybrid website and use WordPress for your blog and any other dynamic pages.

4. Great Community and support – There are numours easily searchable wordpress forums and self help sites that can extinguish almost any problem or question that you may have.

5. Fast – The ability self host and to deploy rapidly – Seriously, you can get a default wordpress site up and in running in 5 min..and post an article in less.

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