Our Team

Aaron Miller

CEO, Sales, & Network Engineer

I have been working for almost two decades in the IT field: From wireless pioneering projects for the military to building and maintaining networks across the nation. I have founded two companies in the States of Washington and North Carolina, providing a vast array of IT services to businesses of all sizes.

At Atlantiq Media, we have a hungry attitude, a very sensitive ear, and an astute comprehension of the needs of our customers. Our pledge is to provide the latest online and onsite technology and to support it with a “never say die attitude” regarding problem resolution. We strive to respond specifically to all of your customer service expectations.


Claire Ryder

CFO, Marketing & Public Relations

I am experienced in international affairs, marketing and the various media conduits. Multilingual, I have developed over the years an acute understanding of professional needs throughout the United States and Europe.

At Atlantiq Media, we develop cutting-edge web solutions that respond to the business needs and unique image of each of our customers, that is because your online presence gives your company a local as well as a global exposure.



Mike Doubintchik

Project Manager

I have over 7 years exprience in developing websites and 2 years experience in project management. I’ve worked with clients in many industries including law, medicine, real estate, and more. I love working with many different clients in many different industries.

I specialize in Open Source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento and in internet marketing consulting.

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