Top 10 Web Hosting Checklist

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Website Hosting
Throughout the years we’ve had multiple clients with problems because they couldn’t access any of their website data or info when the old web guy moved on, disappeared or the company chose to move onto to a different website and hosting provider. I cannot be explicit enough on this one point:

Make sure the domain of your company is registered in your companies name and the owner of the company is the principal.

If it’s under the name of the person who sold you the setup and they disappear–then your are in trouble because you don’t have access to your own intellectual property.

Top 10 Checklist

1. Do you have all the logins and passwords from your hosting provider and the domains?
2. Do you have full access to your control panel and databases and allowed to make all the changes to your account yourself, including contact, credit card and other changes?
3. Can you cancel your hosting easily?
4. Is there a limit on the number of email boxes, the site size or the bandwidth?
5. Can you install WordPress with “one easy click”.
6. Do you have full FTP access to your files?
7. Can you get support directly from the hosting company and do they have 24/7 phone and/or chat support?
8. Does the host use the most current versions of PHP and MySQL software and do they keep them updated?
9. Make sure you have possession of your “regular” backup files. If something does go south at the host–then you’ll be able to recover.
10. Verify that there rates are competitive.

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